At Earthwise Construction, being a green building company is not a marketing gimmick.

All of our team are passionate about eco building and the environment.

We have a long track record of successfully delivering sustainable eco home and commercial building projects. We incorporate our green ethos into all areas of our business

How our green building company started

Earthwise Construction was formed in 2004 by Mischa Hewitt and Ben East.

As long-standing environmentalists, both Directors have been involved in the Earthship Brighton project.

This environmental project, delivered by the Low Carbon Trust, involved the design and construction of a building to demonstrate how a low carbon and low waste future could look.

As the Earthship Brighton project came to a close, Mischa and Ben decided to combine their expertise, experience and skills to create a green building company that focused entirely on ecologically based building projects.

Towards a greener future

Earthwise Construction has carried out a wide range of fantastic renovations, conversions, extensions, new build developments and supplied energy consultancy to wide range of clients.

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