6: Newport St, Brighton

Property type: Mid Terrace 1890s town house

Project: Earthwise Construction provided Project Management for the implementation DECC funded energy efficiency pilot project.

Challenges: The project provide a challenge as due to the period features on the front of the house, internal wall insulation (IWI) was adopted for the front of the house, while external wall insulation (EWI) was adopted for the rear. Due to this careful management was required to ensure a successful outcome.

Overview: The project was a pilot project carried out for the Department for Energy and Climate Change as part of the Green Deal Pioneering Places project. The brief was to 1st undertake a green deal assessment at the property, then to carry out the recommended works as highlighted in the assessment. This involved the installation of EWI and IWI insulation to all of the solid walls of the house, insulation was also fitted to the suspended timber floor.

Materials used: 100mm phenolic insulation was used for both the IWI and EWI. Recycled glass bottle insulation was used for the treatment of the suspended timber floors.