Chances are your energy bills are a lot higher than they need be.

With 10 years of experience in retrofit & eco renovation, we’re confident we can make any home more heat and energy efficient.

How retrofit helps the environment

But, for us, it’s not just about the power bills. It’s also about the ecological impact of our living spaces.

At Earthwise Construction, we believe that houses, new or old, can be transformed to have a much lower environmental impact.

We treat each building as a whole holistic system in terms of thermal performance, ventilation, energy and water use.

Our expertise means that any structure can be transformed into a ‘future proof’ space.

Retrofit & eco renovations

From our offices in Bristol and Brighton, we offer a range of eco renovation/retrofitting services, from big to small.

  • Whole house eco renovations
  • Passivhaus (‘Passive house’) certified renovations
  • Installations of systems such as:
    1. Internal wall insulation
    2. External wall insulation
    3. Air tightness layers
    4. Triple glazing for doors and windows
    5. Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery systems (MVHR)
    6. New high efficient ‘A’ rated boilers
    7. Solar thermal arrays
    8. Green roofs

Please contact us to discuss your project.