• Do you have a minimum value of projects you work on?

    We work on projects with a minimum value of £150,000.

  • How many construction projects do you do a year?

    We focus on one project a year, as we have found through experience that this means we can keep close control of the projects we do and ensure they meet our high standards and attention to detail. Our one project model means we can ensure that we achieve maximum energy efficiency, airtightness and thermal bridge free construction.

    As we specialise in passive house and timber frame construction, new build or whole house retrofits, these type of projects be given priority over other project enquiries.

  • What would a whole house retrofit involve for me?

    All buildings are different, so a unique plan will need to be formulated for your house prior to starting the project. We have close links with local architects and engineers who we can help assist with your plans. We would always advise moving out of the house for the duration of the project, to enable an efficient build programme on site, so this is an important consideration when thinking about undertaking a retrofit.

  • What if I don’t want to build a Certified Passive House?

    We love the Passive House standard and think that Certification offers the homeowner a quality control over the energy performance of the house once it is complete. However, we accept that this is sometimes not affordable, or you might not want to go to this level. Rest assured that, while we are full believers of the Passive House methodology, we would still be happy to take on your project if Certification is not of interest to you.

    We use the Passive House methodology on all our projects as we think it offers a robust, sensible and long term way of building. Whether the project is Certified or not, it will still be built to Passive House standard (or as close to this as is achievable).

  • How much does a new build cost?

    There is no easy answer. Cost based on a per square metre basis can range anywhere from £1500-£3500+ VAT and will depend on the nature of the works and finishes required.

    As a guide, we do not take on projects with a value less than £150,000.

  • How much does retrofitting my house cost?

    Costs per square metre can be helpful for working out rough estimates for new builds. However, retrofitting is so unique to each house that the only way to work costs out properly is to build a detailed cost plan. We offer this service to all our clients to ensure the project scope fits with the budget available.

  • Do you do extensions?

    Not as a stand-alone service. We do whole house retrofits (which usually take around a year) and these often include an extension of the existing house.

  • Do you do loft conversions?

    Not as a stand-alone service. We do whole house retrofits (which usually take around a year) and can often include a loft conversion.

  • Do you do external wall insulation?

    Not as a stand-alone service. We only do this as part of a whole house project.

    We recommend Urbane Eco for EWI in Bristol.

  • Can you advise me on energy efficiency measures in my home?

    We don’t provide free general advice on this, so if you’re looking into energy efficiency measures for your home, the Centre for Sustainable Energy is a good place to start, and offers advice free of charge.

    We are stockists for the full range of Pro Clima airtightness products so we can help with any airtightness enquiries  Please get in touch if you have an air tightness enquiry.
    If you’re based in Bristol and feel that you need someone to come and have a look at your house to give you some advice on measures you can take, our Director (Ben East) does occasional consultancy in this, chargeable by the hour. This depends on his availability, but it’s worth contacting us to see if he is free.

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