The Zehnder ComfoPost is an air to water exchanger which adapts the supply air temperature and allows the air supplied by a Zehnder (or other brand) MVHR system to be heated or cooled. It is for use with ComfoWell air distribution connections, which allow for selection flexibility, offering a range of rigid circular ductwork or Zehnder ComfoTube semi-rigid ductwork to be attached. In order to determine whether ComfoPost would work in your property, detailed heating and cooling load calculations need to be done first. 

The ComfoPost is available in four models and the ComfoPost units are suitable for a wide range of airflows up to 166l/s (600m3hr). The units are made of steel with aluminium and copper pipe forming the heating and cooling coils, and are maintenance free.

Key features

  • Ideal for use with reversible heat pumps or chillers to meet SAP 10 or TM59 overheating demands
  • Low pressure losses
  • Filtered fresh supply air, not recycled stale air
  • Suitable for use with the unique modular ComfoWell manifolds
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Condensation water tray and drain as standard
  • Suitable for Passive House application
  • Corrosion resistant