Each MVHR manufacturer has different servicing requirements, which are usually linked to the warranty of the system. It’s important to have your MVHR system serviced to maintain this warranty. Typically, MVHR installations require a smaller regular service once every year and then a more extensive service every 4 years. After 10 years a service would usually include cleaning the ducts with a specialist duct cleaner.

What does a service include?

A typical service includes:

  • Removing all air valves and cleaning inside the ductwork where we can reach.
  • Removing and washing the heat exchanger.
  • Where possible, removing and cleaning fans.
  • Where possible, removing and cleaning by-pass flaps.
  • Where applicable, removing and cleaning defrost pre-heater.
  • Cleaning inside the MVHR unit.
  • Cleaning intake and exhaust grills, if accessible.
  • Changing filters if you request a spare set from us.
  • Filling in the maintenance log and leaving it with the machine. 
  • Carrying out firmware updates (only applicable to Zehnder ComfoAirQ units) 

How long does servicing take?

It usually takes on average a couple of hours. We need access to a bathroom or utility room to wash components.