For your airtightness needs, we offer a range of Pro Clima products including airtightness tape and membrane. We have over ten years of experience using Pro Clima’s air tightness products in our own building projects, and we continue to use them, because they are the best on the market.

We have partnered with Ecological Building Systems, the sole distributor of Pro Clima airtightness products in the UK. We are the only Bristol-based stockist and can deliver to anywhere in the country. In addition, customers can come to our Bristol showroom and have a look at the range of Pro Clima products we have on offer, ask us questions and purchase directly from our trade counter.

Pro Clima offers an extensive range of airtightness membranes, tapes and liquid, hand/spray-applied coatings for every junction and application conceivable. These ensure that air doesn’t escape out of the building through uncontrolled drafts. For the outside of the building, they offer wind tightness membranes (including breathable membranes) and tapes. The external tapes and membranes are all essential in ensuring cold air doesn’t enter into the fabric of the building.


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