We offer various heating and cooling options. All of these (other than far-infrared heating panels) can only be used in conjunction with MVHR. See the links below for more information.

Heating and cooling in conjunction with MVHR

If you’re considering heating or cooling via MVHR, we always recommend that an energy model is carried out at the outset to determine the heating and cooling load of the building, and whether there is an overheating risk. It’s important to note that heating or cooling via MVHR it is not a replacement for good architectural design and energy modelling, such as Passive House’s PHPP.

Good design should include:

  • Improving thermal mass in the building, e.g. concrete floors and/or phase change materials.
  • Reducing window size to avoid too much South West or East West-facing glazing.
  • Solar shading using larger roof overhangs or external window blinds or shutters. 
  • Openable windows in conjunction with operable roof windows for purge ventilation or night time cooling.
  • LED lighting (lowers heat emissions)
  • Reflective solar glass.
  • Insulating hot water pipes.