At Earthwise, we specialise in Passivhaus construction methods and low energy building solutions. We have installed many far-infrared heating panels in our projects over the years. As such, we have seen how they are a great low-energy and low cost alternative to traditional wet convection heaters or underfloor systems. 

We have partnered with Yandiya Technologies Ltd., leading manufacturers and distributors of far infrared heating panels, to supply them to our clients.

We have a range of far-infrared panel heaters on display in our Bristol-based showroom. If you’d like to arrange a visit to our showroom, contact us here. If you want to work out how many far-infrared heating panels you need in your house, click on our Heating Calculator link at the bottom of this page.

How does far-infrared heating work?

Far-infrared (IR) heating panels work similarly to the sun in that they radiate comfortable, warm heat to what matters most: the people and the fabric of your building. The heating panels are electrically wired, and are made from carbon crystal elements, which create warm and healthy radiant heat.

The panels distribute a non-aggressive heat, which does not disturb the air (unlike traditional heating, which uses convection to circulate air around the room). As far-infrared heats solid objects, the heat is absorbed and emitted by solid objects and people for long periods of time, allowing you to be warmer for longer, without compromising on cost.

How can you control far-infrared heating panels?

All the heating panels we offer are thermostatically controlled.

If you want to remotely control your heating system via the internet, you can integrate smart controls for the building, allowing you to control your heating temperature from your smart device or computer.

Far-infrared gives you the flexibility of zonal control. This allows you to adjust and control the heat of each room, separately. The heating panels can be automatically run, when you set a heating schedule to your preferred timescales, with a temporary manual override mode for certain hours where you need heat the most.

Why use Yandiya Far-infrared heating panels?

    • They are a low-energy, low-cost solution to heating your building, whether residential or commercial.
    • They allow you to potentially achieve 100% carbon net-zero heating, when used in conjunction with a renewable tariff or source such as solar panels and/or battery.
    • Far-infrared heating can be retrofitted into older buildings or installed into new buildings.
    • No specialist labour is required. All you will need is a qualified electrician to install your heating panels. They normally only require 1.5-2.5mm cable and fuse spurs.
    • Far-infrared heating panels are solid state, thus require no maintenance.
    • Yandiya Technologies offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all indoor heating panels.
    • The heating panels can be installed high up on a wall or – even better – on a ceiling, which can free up wall space otherwise taken up by a traditional radiator. This allows for greater versatility of space, where it may be limited.
    • They are completely silent, as there are no moving parts.
    • There are multiple frameless finishes and sizes, suitable for a range of rooms, with the choice of aluminium, glass, mirror and custom printed aluminium.
    • Far-infrared heat is 100% safe and healthy. It is used in multiple physiotherapy applications, to ease arthritis and muscle pains, removes toxins from your body and pacifies skin conditions.
    • With future Government legislation planning to phase out gas and oil heaters, far-infrared heating solutions are an ideal solution to future-proof your building’s heating system.


What are far-infrared heaters made of?

There are three options available:

  1. Frameless Aluminium Powder Coated finish – Its even heat dispersion makes it the best performing indoor far-infrared heater. Available in black, white or custom print, 70W – 1200W.
  2. Tempered and Toughened Frameless Glass finish – More of a designer range of panels for those looking to create an elegant feature. Available in black or white glass, 70W – 900W.

Premium Frameless Mirror finish – Can be used in any room (including bathrooms) which requires a mirror. These have anti-misting properties and have an IP65 rating and great durability. Available in round, rectangle, LED ring light and LED backlight options, 250W – 500W.

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