Fresh air, when you need it

For those with space or budget constraints, Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) is a fantastic alternative to MVHR

Some argue that DCV is the most energy efficient way of ventilating your home, because it is only used when it is needed. We agree that it is a great option, especially in renovations or in properties where MVHR isn’t possible. 

We have a working DCV system on display in our Bristol-based showroom. If you’d like to arrange a visit to our showroom, contact us using the link below.

DCV in a nutshell

Every home – and individual room – has a rising or falling need for ventilation. DCV is a way of ventilating buildings that adjusts air flow rates automatically and quietly, according to actual demand. When there is no demand (which can be more than half the time, e.g. when the building is empty or there is no excess moisture in the air) the system will reduce the air flow and save energy. When there is demand (e.g. after showering, cooking or the release of odours), DCV kicks in by opening humidity sensitive air inlets and demand controlled exhaust units, and ensures that the room is appropriately ventilated.

To supply DCV, we have partnered with Aereco, who have been at the forefront of DCV since 1980. Aereco supply us with their systems and we install them all over the country.