Outstanding EnerPHit air pressure test result

We are extremely proud of our mid-way air pressure test result for our current certified EnerPHit retrofit project in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. Due to the hard work of the Earthwise team, we achieved an amazing 0.57 ACH@50Pa. The EnerPHit standard is 1.0 ACH@50Pa so our result actually meets the more difficult to achieve Passive House standard (which is 0.6 ACH@50Pa). This is an extremely good result for an existing building! 

It is important to carry out a mid-way test while it is still possible to get to the air tightness layer. Then, if any issues are highlighted during the test then these should be fairly easy to deal with.

Our clients are extremely pleased with the result, as this is a key milestone in achieving a certified EnerPHit project.

If you are planning a Passive House new build or EnerPHit retrofit project and would like to work with us, get in touch.