Pro Clima Solitex Plus exterior membrane


Buy Solitex Plus wind and water tight roof exterior membrane. For use under tiles on roofs. Available online today in 1.5m wide x 15m & 30m long rolls.


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Solitex Plus from Pro Clima is a reinforced high quality windtight breathable roofing membrane/underlay. It can also be used when insulating a suspended timber floor.


A roll of Solitex Plus is 1.5m x 50m long


Solitex Plus is a monolithic vapour permeable windtight roof tile underlay. It allows water vapour to move through the membrane via diffusion as opposed to needing air movement/draughts to move the vapour through the membrane.

As well as roofs, it can be used for wall lining and suspended timber floors. Pro Clima Solitex Plus’ 4 ply layers makes this the most robust choice and it won’t mind being walked on!


  • When used on roofs pitch must be greater than 15 degrees
  • Super strong 4 ply membrane
  • High physical strength
  • High resistance to all wood preservatives, wood treatments or natural wood resins.
  • Extreme resistance to wind driven rain.
  • It is extremely resistant to high temperatures and does not break down with exposure to high temperatures and hot weather conditions.


Technical specification

  • Can be used: Externally
  • For: Pitched Roofs with a pitch greater than 15 degrees. Suspended timber floors. Timber frame walls behind closed timber cladding or facades
  • Width: 1.5m
  • Length: 15m or 50m
  • Material: Monolithic TEEE
  • Temperature resistance: 40°C to 100°C
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.17 W/mK
  • Fire classification: E
  • Max exposure time U.V/weather (during construction): 3 Months
  • Colour: Blue
  • Water vapor resistance: 0.20 ±0.05 MNs/g
  • Nail Tear resistance MD: 300 ±30 N
  • Nail Tear resistance CD: 270 ±30 N
  • Short product title: Solitex Plus

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