Pro Clima Aerosana Visconn Fibre paint and spray


Buy Aerosana Visconn Fibre paint and spray. Great for filling gaps of up to 20mm. Black and white. 5 litre tin or 600ml foil cartridge. Available online today.

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Pro Clima’s Aerosana Visconn Fibre is an airtightness barrier used for sealing and filling gaps and cracks of up to 20mm in width. It forms an elastic and robust vapour retarding seal. Quick, easy to use and ideal for use in a retrofit.

Available in 5 litre tin or 600ml foil cartridge of Aerosana Visconn Fibre. Available in Black or White.

Note: Must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s datasheet.

  • Great for sealing gaps at critical junctions or between building components.
  • Seals cracks of up to 20mm wide. 
  • You can plaster or paint over Aerosana Visconn Fibre.
  • Suitable for use alongside Pro Clima SOLIDO tapes.
  • Apply with a brush or Aerofixx gun.
  • Can use as a bonding course between subsurfaces and subsequent coatings or adhesion.
  • Can be applied both inside and in protected outdoor areas.
  • A 5 litre tin covers 6m².
  • 600ml foil cartridge covers 1m².
  • The application temperature range is between +5°C and +60°C.

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Internally
  • For: Ceilings, External walls (interior face), Roofs, Solid floors, Timber joist ends
  • Temperature resistance: -40 °C to 90 °C
  • Application temperature: 5 °C to 60 °C
  • Coverage: 6m² per 5 litre tin (drying time 6-48 Hours)
  • Short product title: Aerosana Visconn Fibre

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