Pro Clima Compego air tightness tape


Buy Compego air tightness tape. Great for sealing to DPM or other polythene surfaces. Available online today in 25m x 100mm / 150mm / 600mm rolls.

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The Compego airtightness tape by Pro Clima is used for airtight sub slab (DPM) bonding, or bonding onto other high gauge polythene surfaces. It can be used only where surface bonding (as opposed to chemical bonding) into the material is required.

  • Designed to bond with sub-slab polyethylene vapour barriers and Pro Clima membranes.
  • Pro Clima Compego can also be used for permanent airtight bonding to smooth substrates, such as metal, plastic, OSB, plywood, painted wood or smooth concrete.
  • Waterproof, with stretchable PE backing.

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Internally or externally
  • Roll length: 60mm, 100mm, 150mm
  • Material: High strength waterproof solid acrylic adhesive with stretchable polyethylene backing and siliconized release paper
  • Temperature resistance: From -40° C to +90° C permanent
  • Max exposure time U.V/weather (during construction): 6 months
  • Application temperature: Above -10° C
  • Short product title: Compego

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