Pro Clima Tescon Naideck Air Tightness Tape

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Buy Tescon Naideck Air Tightness Tape. Double sided Butyl tape to seal around nail and screw penetrations. Exterior use. Available in 20m x 50mm rolls.

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Pro Clima Tescon Naideck tape is a double sided butyl rubber tape used for sealing nail and screw fixings, to keep them airtight. It is for use outside and does not contain bitumen.

Comes on a 50mm x 20m roll

It has a reinforcing layer which makes it super strong, it’s water resistant and penetrates deep into screw holes, creating an airtight seal.

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Externally
  • Roll width: 50m
  • Roll length: 20m
  • Material: Component: Non-ageing, bitumen free butyl rubber. Release film: siliconized paper
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C to +80°C
  • Durability: 60 years +
  • Short product title: Tescon Naideck

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