Lindab RHR­CF­V 460 PRO MVHR system


Buy Lindab RHR­CF­V 460 PRO MVHR unit today, also comes with left or right hand side electric heater. In stock online today.


Residential Heat Recovery Counterflow Vertical connection PRO version Size 460. There is also a version with left or right hand side electric heater


We sell and install Lindab RHR-CF MVHR units as an excellent mid-range option for those whose budget doesn’t stretch to the high end Zehnder ComfoAir Q MVHR units. Lindab RHR­CF MVHR units are a class A+ high efficiency unit designed for Passive House or low-energy homes.

The Lindab RHR-CF MVHR units come in a variety of sizes (170,180, 280, 370, 460 and 600) to suit different sized properties. All of the units are vertical, except the 170.

The Lindab RHR-CF units are certified by the Passive House Institute and have up to 92.5% heat recovery.



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