Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C for Zehnder ComfoAir Q350/450/600


Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C for Zehnder ComfoAir Q350/450/600. Available online today.


We recommend the Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C interface as standard to our clients buying a Zehnder Comfo Air Q350, 450 or 600 MVHR unit. It provides a very intuitive control capability via a smart phone or tablet, and enables a technician to login remotely to help fix any issues with your MVHR system.


Features of the Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C interface:

  • Enables controlling and programming of the system via ComfoControl app (for iPhone/android devices) from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Monitors and controls ventilation flow rates, temperatures and external sensors.
  • Service and maintenance alerts direct to your phone.
  • Remote access of your MVHR unit from anywhere in the world.
  • Installer/technician menu access means we can log in and give you remote assistance if needed.
  • In-app commissioning wizard.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 76 x 24 mm.
  • No cables included.
  • Powered by ComfoNet.
  • Data protection by encryption and blocking outside access.


Technical specification

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