Zehnder ComfoAir 160


Zehnder ComfoAir 160 small MVHR unit, available with or without defrost pre-heater and in Luxe version. Ideal for flats or apartments up to 100m2.


The Zehnder ComfoAir 160 is a versatile and small MVHR unit that has been specifically designed to fit in flats and apartments up to 100m2 (2010 Building Regulations). It can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall and can be installed horizontally or vertically. With its volume-flow constant operation, the unit offers good performance with no dips in ventilation rate.

  • Incorporates constant volume motors to ensure guaranteed installed performance under all conditions.
  • Automatic 100% filtered summer bypass to stop the introduction of warm, humid air in the summer.
  • Incorporates winter slowdown to reduce the introduction of cold air in the winter months.
  • Optional pre-heater to temper incoming air.
  • Heat recovery efficiency of up to 89%.
  • The ComfoAir 160 by Zehnder has been certified by the Passive House Institute as an official Passive House component.


  • Comfort ventilation up to 160m3/h at 100 Pa
  • Low energy consumption due to EC motors
  • Constant volume motors ensure guaranteed installed performance (GIP)
  • 100% variable air volume setting
  • Dual-handed unit


Don’t forget to order the appropriate controller (CCS or CCBL).

For ceiling mounting please also add the condensation drain (B-CA160 Drain)

Technical specification

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