Zehnder ComfoAir 180 Luxe


Zehnder ComfoAir 180 Luxe MVHR unit with pre-heater. Available online today.


The compact dimensions of the Zehnder ComfoAir 180 LuxePH and the rectangular connecting ductwork makes it ideal for installation in kitchen or bathrooms with minimal space requirements. It is a Passivhaus certified MVHR unit.

Please note that with the MVHR unit the appropriate ductwork connectors need to be ordered:
– 2x B-CA180 CV + 2x B-CA180 C125 or
– 1x B-CA180 CHL + 1x B-CA180 CHR + 2x B-CA180 C125

Important features:

  • counter-flow heat exchanger
  • Passivhaus certified: 83% heat recovery; 0.27 Wh/m3
  • Appendix Q performance:
  • maintenance free EC fans
  • in-built modulated defrost pre-heater (no performance drops in winter)
  • automatic filtered 100% summer bypass
  • option to use enthalpy heat exchanger
  • timed filter warning
  • wall mounted
  • Additional supply port at the bottom of the MVHR unit
  • appropriate ductwork connectors from rectangular to round (125mm) are available


Technical specification

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