Pro Clima Tescon Sprimer Spray


Buy Tescon Sprimer Spray. A spray version of Tescon Primer RP, great for awkward areas. Available in 400ml or 750ml spray cans. Available online today

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Tescon Sprimer from Pro Clima is a spray version of the Tescon Primer RP used to stabilise porous surfaces, prior to the application of Pro Clima airtight tapes or Orcon F sealants, to ensure they have a robust and permanent bond to most substrates.

This spray on surface primer is much faster and easier to apply than the Tescon RP primer due to its unique liner spray nozzle end, which saves time on site and does not require brush or roller cleaning after each use.

  • Easy to use spray can, means it is much easier to use in awkward areas
  • Coverage 20 liner meters at 60mm spread
  • No drying required (Tapes and Orcon F can be applied straight away)
  • Internal/External use
  • Can be used above -50C
  • Solvent free Low VOCs
  • Unaffected by subsequent moisture impact, unlike PVA glue

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Internally / Externally
  • For: Concrete floors, masonry walls, wood fibre panels, plaster, stone, wood.
  • Sizes available: 400ml or 750ml spray cans
  • Material: Acryl-Copolymer
  • Application temperature: -5°C to 40°C
  • Coverage: 20 liner meters at 60mm wide spread

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