Pro Clima AEROFIXX Sprayer and Sealant Gun


Buy an AEROFIXX sprayer and sealant gun to apply your 600ml Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre. Great for awkward areas. Available online today.


AEROFIXX from Pro Clima is a sprayer and sealant gun for use with Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre 600ml foil cartridges.

The Pro Clima AEROFIXX is a convenient tool for spraying or applying a bead of Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre and is great for getting into awkward areas such as around joist ends or rafter ends, providing a cost-effective spraying method for small sized areas and tricky details.

The AEROFIXX connects to a standard air compressor and can be used for both spraying and filling and sealing joints and gaps. It is ideal for quickly creating an airtight seal in areas where using tapes and membranes would be very time-consuming and costly.

  • Sprays Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre from 600ml foil cartridges
  • Lays a bead of Visconn and Visconn Fibre
  • Connects to a standard air compressor (300 litre/min up to 6.8 bar)
  • Quick and easy-to-use, with no specialist training required

Box contents: Aerofixx Applicator Gun, Air Nozzle, Material Nozzle

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Externally, Internally
  • For: Sealing;Cable penetrations, Door & Window Joints, Double Collar Ties, Pipe penetrations, Roof eaves, Timber wall to masonry floor junction (in timber frame)
  • Compressor compatibility: Minimum 300 litres/min, upto 6.8bar (100psi)

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