Pro Clima Extoseal Encors airtight flashing tape


Buy Extoseal Encors butyl rubber airtight and watertight flashing tape. Great for exterior use. Available online today in 20m length and various widths.

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Pro Clima Extoseal Encors Butyl rubber connection tape is extremely elastic, airtight and watertight. It is the only Pro Clima Butyl tape that uses Pro Clima acrylic glue. The modification of Butyl with Acrylate makes it extremely sticky, even on damp and cold surfaces.


Pro Clima Extoseal Encors is used externally as a weatherproof and watertight sealing tape to go around window sills, door thresholds or any zone with standing water present. The tape bonds to mineral substrates. This flashing tape is highly elastic, which means it can be moulded easily around corners and junctions whilst maintaining watertightness and weatherproofing.


Extoseal Encors by Pro Clima will stick to all Pro Clima, tapes, membranes and other airtight items. It will also bond to wood fibre* insulation panels, planed wood, painted wood, hard plastic, metal, chipboard, OSB, plywood, MDF, concrete, all types of plaster and un-plastered masonry.


*Note: Before application to wood fibre boards, you must prime with Tescon Primer RP or SPrimer.


This tape is not suitable for prolonged UV exposure.



Technical specification

  • Can be used: Externally
  • Roll width: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Roll length: 20m
  • Material: Release strip: Silicone coated PE film, 2 release strips. Adhesive: Butyl rubber modified with acrylate
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C to +80°C
  • Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C, frost free nights
  • Short product title: Extoseal Encors

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