Pro Clima Tescon No1 Air Tightness Tape


Buy Tescon No1 Air Tightness Tape. Great for using inside and outside, multipurpose and flexible. Available in 30m x 60mm. In stock online today.

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Pro Clima Tescon No1 is a more stretchable version of the Tescon Vana and Tescon Profil tapes by Pro Clima. It’s used to create super airtight seals on airtight membranes and airtight accessories on floors, walls and roofs.

Tescon No1 by Pro Clima can be used both inside and outside and, as it’s so stretchy, it can be used on curved and uneven surfaces and awkward joints. It’s great for sealing overlaps, edges and penetrations.

It can be torn by hand, making it quick and easy to use on site, and (using Pro Clima’s Tescon Primer) it can be used to seal butt joints between wood-based panels eg MDF or OSB sub-roof panels.

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Internally and externally
  • Roll width: 60mm
  • Roll length: 30m
  • Material: Backing: Perforated PE foil Adhesive: Adhesive water-resistant SOLID adhesive Release film: Siliconized paper
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C to 90ºC
  • Durability: Airtight for 100 years (independently tested by Kassel University)
  • Short product title: Tescon No1

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