Pro Clima Aerosana Visconn airtight sealant paint and spray


Buy Aerosana Visconn air tight liquid sealant. Available online today as a 10 litre tin for painting or a 600ml foil cartridge for use with a spray gun.

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Aerosana Visconn from Pro Clima is a sprayable or paintable airtightness barrier with a humidity-variable vapour resistance. Available in a 10 litre tin or 600ml foil cartridge in black or white.

Aerosana Visconn is a liquid applied air barrier which, when dry, forms a highly flexible, seamless, elastic airtightness layer. This water-based acrylic dispersion paste can be applied as a spray or using a brush/roller. Covers gaps up to 3mm. Application must be in accordance with manufacturer’s datasheet.

  • Aerosana Visconn covers gaps up to 3mm
  • For gaps between 3mm-20mm use Aerosana Visconn Fibre
  • 10 litre tin covers up to 12m2
  • 600ml foil cartridge covers 1m2
  • Super speedy application
  • For the most effective airtightness results, Pro Clima recommends that Aerosana Visconn is applied in two crosswise coats for all applications. 
  • Passive House Certified Component
  • Great for use in retrofits in areas such as behind intermediate floor joists or awkward wall/roof junctions.
  • Humidity-variable
  • Can be plastered/painted over and is suitable for use with Pro Clima SOLIDO tapes.

Technical specification

  • Can be used: Internally
  • For: Ceilings, External walls (interior face), Roofs, Solid Floors, Timber joist ends
  • Temperature resistance: -40 °C to 90 °C
  • Application temperature: 5 °C to 60 °C
  • Coverage: 8m2- 12m2 (drying time 12 - 48 hours)
  • Short product title: Aerosana Visconn

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